Ingersoll Argentina S.A. Our Company

INGERSOLL ARGENTINA S.A., metallurgic company which started their activities in 1966, were traditionally dedicated to manufacturing steel disc and coulter blades for plows, harrows and drills. However, new products such as press wheels, seeding units and sugar cane harvester blades have been developed lately while keep on working on the development of new  parts to enlarge the products line and to improve quality standards to satisfy the most demanding customers.
Our industrial plant is in Monte Maíz (Córdoba, Argentina) on a 4.5 hectares site, employing over than 200 people in modern 8.000 square meters facilities. We export to several countries and USA, Australia, Spain are at present among Ingersoll overseas customers.

Dura Flute Coulter Blade Rippled Coulter Blade

Dura Flute Coulter Blade

Wavy Coulter Blade
Wavy Coulter Blade    
¿What is a "Coulter Blade"?
Plain, Notched and Wavy Coulter Blades are used for planting and seeding, mainly in direct sowing.